What is health? 

Health is the ease of flow.  Health is a flow of items into and out of the body.  For example - A river can flow freely into the sea, but when blockages occur its route will be hindered. 

Diseases start when a stressor or intrusion causes a disruption in the flow.  The ease is now dis-ease. 

The human body has natural healing abilities.

Holistic healing and alternative health care solutions support the body in healing itself.  A holistic therapy provides a complementary alternative healing method to standard medicine.

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Picture of SCIO device

Derived from the Latin word, ‘SCIO’ is meaning ‘to know’.

The QXCI/SCIO medical device is a Biofeedback / TENS device.  It is designed to stimulate conscious awareness of our subconscious (or rather super conscious) processes. Our super conscious is aware of the initial interference within the ease of our health flow. 

As such we all need to start our healing process by interfacing with our super conscious awareness.  This is the reason for the design of the QXCI/SCIO.

With the TENS capacity of the QXCI/SCIO device we can use a cybernetic link to deal with the causes of disease.  The device can destroy pathogens, make us aware of nutritional problems, stimulate the repair of injury, stimulate detox, desensitize allergies, reduce stress, and more.

The main advantage of the device is its ability to unblock the blockages within the ease of our health flow.  The QXCI/SCIO can detect faults in the acupuncture meridian flow, in the energetic make up and in the brain wave and correct all of them.

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How does it work?

The functions of the QXCI/SCIO can be compared to a virus-scan program on a computer.  The QXCI/SCIO device scans the body - detects any weaknesses and imbalances – treats any weaknesses and imbalances as individually required. 

The data obtained through the scanning are unique to the individual. 

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The goal of the system is:

* To stimulate the body to heal itself
* Find ways to reduce symptoms through other naturopathic means
* Symptom reduction by trying to prevent the disease from progressing further  
* Regular treatments can maintain health  
* True healing and long term symptom reduction.

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Is it safe?

The QXCI/SCIO is a hi-tech complementary Health Device.  It tests and assists the electrical responses of the body, and assists health practitioners to find imbalances and health issues. 

Based on the principles of energetic medicine, the SCIO is a safe, accurate bio-feedback device designed for powerful healing.

It is important to bear in mind that the goal of this medical device is to promote healing, not to focus on the negative. 

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What are the testing facilities?

There are over 10 000 items in the test matrix.  During the test process the subconscious of the client causes reactions to these items.  The reactions are not picked by the computer but are picked up by the subconscious of the client.

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Awareness after testing

The QXCI/SCIO interface is set at natural biological electrical levels which are below conscious perception.  Therefore the client will not feel the therapy directly, but the effects of the therapy are none the less dramatic.  

The client may perceive sensations of warmth, tingling and euphoria during therapy. 

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How often should you be treated?

The most asked question. This question requires a specific and individual response, not a general one. 

Your SOC index (Suppression and Obstruction to Cure index) will be calculated by questions and answers with your first and follow-up treatments on the QXCI/SCIO device. The answer to the question could be determined by your SOC index which can be an indicator of how much life force you have in order to heal yourself.

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What is the age restriction?

Everybody will benefit from a SCIO session and there is no age restriction.

The QXCI/SCIO device is designed to stimulate conscious awareness of our subconscious (or rather super conscious) processes.  Our super conscious is aware of the initial interference within the flow of health.

The SCIO will definitely benefit babies and children because they are unable to communicate their emotions and health issues.  They re-enact trauma or other issues in play; what they do not have in language to describe is acted out in their behaviour.

Most of the time adults are also unaware of the effects their trauma and thought processes are producing.

During the SCIO session the data gathered can be used to explore the relevant possibilities. 

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Why should you be treated?

The ultimate goal is to awaken the healing force with the QXCI/SCIO. 

The QXCI/SCIO device is generations ahead of other energetic medicine devices, and eons ahead of traditional medicine. 

The QXCI/SCIO device offers a holistic approach with test and treat facilities. 

The data obtained are unique to the individual which can inspire and educate you towards awareness, consciousness and responsibility. 

True medicine should be holistic medicine. 

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